Saturday, October 4, 2008


This is my blog I suppose. I get quite uninterested easily so this may not be updated often. Do I even have anything interesting to tell you? No. That is the point. This is for my thoughts and I do not care what you think of them. You may read them, you may judge them, you may also comment on them; yet I do not care. See? This is me not caring. 

Today I was walking down the road and I saw the most hideous thing I had ever seen. I turn to my friend and I said "save me! For it will blind me if I look at it any longer!" What was it? Some woman wearing jeans up to her midriff, where jeans - unless they are fashionable or in style - should not be. Ever. She was also wearing a grotesque shirt that resembled something you would find in the trash bins at the local walmart - like I ever step in there! Even being 200 feet near it makes me feel dirty. I turned my head and looked the other way before I confronted the woman and spat in her face.

My parents also bought a new car. Of course it is nothing "extravagant." It is new though, an improvement on our old car. Firstly you must know my mother is a pack rat, and rarely lets go of anything. She has kept our old car for 8 years. 8. It must be some sort of record in the automobile industry. It was the most hideous thing I had ever seen in my life and to spare you I will not post an image of it. I quite enjoyed the heated seat feature of the new car even though the look of it wants me to write in my chanel lipstick "regarde-moi, je suis laid!" Although I feel that at this time it may be inappropriate. 

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