Sunday, October 5, 2008

These shoes are made for strutting

What else can you do in these?

Galliano made these especially for me I presume and I think I will invest in a pair for my prom. I will model my outfit around these shoes. They are fabulous, no?

Today I woke up and I realized I had nothing to wear, and I had a project to do. So after only sleeping for 3 hours I rolled myself out of bed and ate my breakfast (A weight watchers english muffin - plain and since my blood sugar was low a small rice crispy square my mother decided to bake the other day). I really wish humans could only survive on water. Wouldn't that be pleasant? Eating takes up too much time in the day, and time is money.

So I have yet to start on my project. I am thinking a bottle of champagne then do it? I must create my own fashion line for fashion class. So I have spent the past 5 minutes thinking of designs. It is due on Wednesday by the way.

I think I will post a few when I am done with them. Why? because I can.

I woke up and my father was leaving for church. He had is coat buttoned up so I asked him if he wore the tie. He turned around and showed me. I laughed to myself knowing I had won. But I always win. Now if i could just get him to change his clothing. If he put more effort into himself maybe he wouldn't look like a hillbilly.

The phone is ringing. I do not answer the phone. Why you may ask? Because it is of no interest to me. Its all those telemarketers who presume you want to buy their things that are junk. I am too nice of a person to play a prank on them. When I do answer the phone I tell them "No thank you, not today." Yet in my mind I want to play a devilish trick on them. I need to toughen up - note to self.

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